BIO - Kevin Edward Hollister

Nordmach has enlisted long time friend Kevin Edward Hollister to handle the final audio engineering. Kevin began his career in 1977 doing live sound and freelanced professionally from 1980 through 1998. Kevin is currently employed  by Caesars Windsor as an audio visual technician.

“I have extensive work experience in live sound from small to large venues. I am equally at home doing live sound and/or recording audio in a studio environment both for film and video.

I use Apple computers for my home mixing set-up and can deliver audio in both stereo or 5.1 Surround Sound formats.”

I would like to say that since obtaining a digital audio console for live shows ( DiGiCo SD8 ) I can now do mixes that i never thought you could do live. My learning experience grows with every show, i can take things from doing mixes in the box and bring that to a live environment and vice versa.

I use Apple computers and a variety of monitors and different environments to fine tune my mixes. I use a large variety of digital audio processing depending on the mood and feel of the source material I am mixing. I use Abelton live for in the box mixing as well as live mixing.

Kevin has been doing pro audio for 32 years and worked in every environment imaginable with an array of musical and stage performers.

Some of the people Kevin has worked with:

Bare Naked Ladies / Blue Rodeo / Brenda Lee / BJ Thomas /

Carol Welsman /  Michael Burgess / Three Dog Night / The Nylons /  Big Sugar /  The Band /  Marie Osmond /  The Platters / BTO /  Tori Amos /Jan Arden /  Gary Puckett / The Association / Peter Noone /  The Guess Who / Michele Wright /  Jesse Cook / The Royal Winnipeg Ballet....

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